Pet Friendly House

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Jason and his wife Debbie breed award-winning Parson Russell Terriers under the kennel name Bristol Abbey. They share their home with Branson, Bridget, Gigi, and Ollie, their foundation breeding dogs, and Vixen and Jackson, their two rescues.

The Politics of Dog Shows

Jason Homan
It happens in every sport, and dog shows are no exception. Though every competition should be based in fairness, sometimes decisions are made that can’t be justified beyond simple politics....

The History of Dog Shows

Jason Homan
Many people look forward to watching such events as the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the National Dog Show on TV each year. Rarely is the public at large...

Top 10 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Jason Homan
When considering a dog breed for their family, most people want to be certain their new canine pal has a solid temperament. After all, most families entertain visitors from time...