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Picture of dog in leaves

Tips & Tricks for Creating an Instagram Page for Your Dog

Dogs bring a lot of joy into people’s lives, so it is only right that those people would want to share it with others. It is extremely common to see Instagram accounts dedicated to pets, especially dogs. These accounts help to document the dog’s life and to tell their story to a world that love

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Picture of dog dressed up

Popular Hashtags for Dogs on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Is there anything better than showing off your beloved pooch on social media for the world to see? Not only does it show how much you love them, but it allows others to see their fun quirks, amazing personalities, and how sweet they look when they’re falling asleep. It isn’t uncommon for people to create

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Picture of a dog wearing a bowtie

Why Do We Call Dogs Fido?

There have been a number of dogs whose names have become famous such as Lassie, Toto and Beethoven, and who could forget Marley from the film that made everyone cry in the cinema? The likelihood of finding a dog called Fido in the 21st century is incredibly low, and it would never make it to

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Picture of Golden Retriever by water bowl

Getting A Puppy Is Like Raising a Baby

There are a lot of people out there that claim being a “parent” to a dog is not the same as being a parent to a child, but there are studies and research that has shown getting a puppy is just like raising a baby. In fact, dog trainers often warn that people need to

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Picture of woman holding a dog

You Can’t Buy Anything Like the Love of a Dog

Nearly everybody has heard the phrase “money can’t buy happiness” at least once in their life and for the most cases it is true. Having good people around you and living a life that makes you happy as an individual is much better than focusing on the materialistic things. Diamonds and jewellery won’t make every

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Picture of pregnant woman and a dog

Can My Dog Tell If I’m Pregnant?

Dogs are some of the most loyal and attentive creatures in the world. They are always there to offer you comfort when it is needed, as well as being man and woman’s best friend. Whatever breed and size they come in, each one has their own personality and a lot of love to give, especially

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Picture of Chihuahua wearing a sweater

Does Your Dog Need A Sweater?

In the northern hemisphere the seasons are starting to change, with the first day of fall just passing us by. Soon, winter will follow it and for some places it will drop below freezing. When it comes to the colder month’s humans don’t think twice about putting on several layers before braving the icy chill

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