Author: Carlotta Cooper

Picture of a Dalmatian

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?

Have you wondered if dogs can eat pineapple? The answer is yes! Not only is pineapple a delicious treat that some dogs enjoy, but pineapple

Picture of cranberries

Can I Feed My Dog Cranberries?

Cranberries reportedly have many health benefits for humans. But what about for dogs? Can you – or should you – feed your dog cranberries? And,

Picture of a dog eating oranges

Can I Feed My Dog Oranges?

Dogs often want to eat the same foods they see humans eating but that doesn’t mean that all of our foods are good for dogs.

Picture of raspberries on a bush

Can Dogs Eat Raspberries

Sweet and juicy, rich red raspberries are a summertime favorite. Can dogs eat raspberries? You’ll be happy to know that these berries are something that

Picture of two mangos

Can I Feed My Dog Mango?

Mango is another fruit that many dogs enjoy. It’s also quite nutritious. There are some hazards to avoid with mangoes but if you take a

Picture of Dragon Fruit

Can Dogs Eat Dragon Fruit

Are you a fan of dragon fruit? Have you wondered if dogs can eat dragon fruit? Despite the rubbery, spiky petals on the outside of

Picture of a dog on the dock

Dog Food Sensitivity

A dog food sensitivity can include both dog food allergies and dog food sensitivities or intolerances. Maybe you’re not sure what kind of food problem

Picture of a sporting dog in a field

Food Sensitivity in Dogs

We all seem to worry about dog food and what we should feed our dogs. Even if your dog is healthy and has never had