Author: Carlotta Cooper

Picture of a dog on a boat

Copper for Dogs

Like other minerals, copper is a necessary nutrient for dogs as it is involved in a number of functions that keep their bodies healthy.  In

Picture of Citrus Fruits

Can Dogs Eat Citrus

Most of us like citrus of some kind whether it’s oranges, lemon, or limes. What about dogs? Do they like citrus? And, more importantly, can

Picture of a roast beef

Can Dogs Have Roast Beef

It’s no secret that dogs and humans love many of the same foods. For example, if you are a meat lover, it’s a safe bet

Picture of Celery

Can Dogs Have Celery

Is celery part of your diet? Do you crave celery stalks and a little salad dressing as a snack? If you enjoy celery, does your

Picture of a bowl of Falafel

Can Dogs Eat Falafel

Are you fond of falafels? In case you’re wondering, falafels are deep-fried appetizers usually made from ground chickpeas, herbs, and spices. They are Middle Eastern

Can Dogs Eat Chinese Food

Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. After all, 1.4 billion people in China eat it every day. Joking aside,

picture of cantaloupe

Can Dogs Have Cantaloupe

One of the world’s favorite melons, many of us love to bring cantaloupes home from the market. You may have wondered whether dogs can have

jack russell terrier

Can Dogs Have Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar probably doesn’t sound very tasty but, in fact, if it’s used properly, it might be good for you, according to some reports.

Picture of lemons

Can Dogs Eat Lemon

It’s fun to imagine the first time a human plucked a lemon from a tree and bit into it. Can you picture the face they

Picture of Green Beans

Can Dogs Have Green Beans

Easy to grow and prepare, green beans are popular around the world. They are sold fresh, canned, and frozen. They can be eaten raw, steamed,

Picture of a box of limes

Can Dogs Eat Limes

As humans, we often find citrus such as limes and lemons refreshing, especially in drinks and desserts. You might have wondered if dogs can eat

Picture of carrots

Can Dogs Have Carrots

Carrots are such a common vegetable that they are often overlooked not only for human nutrition but also for canine nutrition. In fact, carrots make

Picture of a dog and an egg

Can Dogs Eat Eggshells

You probably already know that eggs are a great source of animal protein for dogs (and for humans). In fact, eggs from chickens are high

Picture of Nutter Butter

Can Dogs Eat Nutter Butter

If you are of a certain age (ahem), you might remember this slogan: “Can I have a nutter Nutter Butter peanut butter cookie, please?” Nutter

Picture of Molasses

Can Dogs Have Molasses

Made from sugarcane or sugar beets, molasses is a primary ingredient in brown sugar and rum. It’s also frequently added to some desserts such as