Author: Barbara Davis

Picture of Jack Russell

Amazing Things Dogs Can Do that You Might Not Know About

Dogs have been impressing their owners with their intelligence, capacity to give and receive affection, and their loyalty since the first wolves decided to cast their lot with humans thousands of years ago. Until the last several decades, however, dogs haven’t attracted the interest of medical professionals and natural scientists. All of that has changed.

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Picture of boy and his dog

Why Every Child Should Be Allowed to Raise a Puppy

Back in 2004, at age seven, my son was hospitalized for depression. I had taken him to see a psychiatrist for a consultation, and she kept him for a week. My son and I were both shaken by this hospitalization, me not knowing what was going to happen to him over the week, him by

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Picture of dog outside

Why You Should Adopt a Pit Bull

If you Google “about adopting Pit Bulls,” you get page after page of top ten (or sixteen or even twenty-one) lists of reasons why you should adopt a Pit Bull, and even one list why Pit Bulls don’t make good pets, but the title is facetious and the article is a series of pictures of

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Picture of Chow Chow and a woman in the park

I Am Not a Crazy Dog Lady!

I was watching the hurricane forecast coverage on CNN several days ago, and they featured a lady from the coast of North Carolina who was not obeying the evacuation orders because of her seven rescued dogs. My sister, who is definitely not a dog person, thought she was crazy not to evacuate. I understood immediately

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