The Pet Friendly House Releases Artist Rendering and Video to Promote the Pet Friendly House Project

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The Pet Friendly House, a Calgary-based project, is pleased to announce the release of artist renderings and a video to promote the advancement of their vision. These exciting promotional materials allow visitors to get a glimpse inside the ideal home for families to share with their pets. Each room illustrated in the artist rendering displays unique design elements, artwork, furniture, and more; all designed to increase the comfort and convenience not only of pets but also the families that share their homes.

Intended to break ground in Calgary, the Pet Friendly House is the first home of its kind worldwide. Upon its completion, the house will be opened to the public where events, contests, and promotions will occur for a period of one month. Part of proceeds from the demonstrations and promotional events held at the Pet Friendly House will be donated to two charities near and dear to its founders’ hearts: the Breast Cancer Foundation and the Kidney Foundation. David Beart, founder and president of the company, was the recipient of a life saving kidney transplant in 2010, and his wife and co-founder Amy is a breast cancer survivor.

Upon completion of this initial project, the Pet Friendly House team will turn their attention to similar builds in countries all around the world. The focus will remain essentially the same; bringing attention to the best products, services, and materials to elevate life with pets from the ordinary to the extraordinary. A key component of the Pet Friendly House Project’s international vision is a commitment to showcasing local art, culture, and preferences in its home builds. Each home will be uniquely designed to promote the life of luxury, comfort, and style for families and their pets to enjoy.

The introduction of the artist rendering and the video marks a shift from the planning stages towards marketing and fundraising efforts. At this time, the Pet Friendly House is working towards establishing strategic partnerships with individuals and businesses with a passion to participate in this fun and exciting project. The company wishes to connect with potential partners in early summer 2021. In addition to making connections with other local Alberta-area businesses and individuals, the Pet Friendly House offers excellent promotional opportunities to help bring attention to products and services available within the province.

The company behind this extraordinary project is Mr. Beart’s website The Pet Friendly House. A comprehensive website addressing all things pets, Mr. Beart’s company provides valuable information to help pet owners gain insights into many aspects of pet ownership. Among the topics covered on the Pet Friendly House’s website include canine and feline health issues, solving common behavioral problems, effective stain removal techniques, and the best furniture and décor options for families sharing their home with pets. The Pet Friendly House places a high emphasis on education and entertainment, helping pet owners to become better informed.

For more information about the Pet Friendly House Project or to view the artist rendering and video, contact the project team at 403.554.9634.

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