Airline Approved Pet Carriers for the Cabin

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If you’re a pet owner who is planning a vacation, there are lots of variables to consider. Some pet owners opt to leave their beloved furry friends with nearby family or friends. Others prefer to call their favourite kennel to book a stay for Fido. But many pet owners like to travel with their pets, and in today’s hospitality climate, it is becoming easier and easier to do so. Many hotels, resorts, and even restaurants cater to families with pets. Never has it been simpler to take a vacation that includes the entire family, both the two-legged and the four-legged variety!

In recent years, airline travel has become more amenable to families toting Fido and Frisky along with them. Though most typically pets travel in cargo, dogs and cats that meet specific height and weight restrictions are permitted to accompany their owners in the cabin. So long as your pet is able to fit in a soft-sided carrier which meets the correct dimensions to fit under a seat, booking an in cabin flight for Fido is easy as pie!

The Top 5 Pet Carriers for Use in the Cabin

So, you’ve booked your flight and now all that remains is to choose your carrier. You’ve been warned that if you show up with one that is not approved for your airline of choice that your pet will not be able to fly with you. That’s not a chance you’re willing to take! Fido being turned away at the airport would ruin the entire vacation for your family. With this in mind, you are determined to do your research and to be prepared!

Petsfit Expandable Airline Approved Pet Carrier

This great pet carrier hits all the high points that airlines are looking for in a proper pet containment system. The addition of folding, collapsible pockets allow this carrier to expand if necessary, and as an added bonus, the entire carrier can be folded flat for storage when not in use. This pet carrier is spacious, allowing additional room for your pet to stand and stretch their legs while still meeting airline requirements for travel in the cabin.

This pet carrier is available in a variety of sizes but only one color. Best of all, this airline approved carrier option is extremely budget friendly, making it a top choice amongst travellers… more

Sherpa Deluxe Airline Dog Carrier

The Cadillac of airline approved dog carrier bags, Sherpa has earned an excellent reputation amongst pet-loving travelers. Sherpa bags are sold with a guarantee of their suitability for cabin travel, affording pet owners additional peace of mind.

Sherpa bags are both flexible and durable. Their wide opening makes entering and exiting the bag simple for all breeds. Each bag is also equipped with a shoulder strap to make it easier for owners to carry the bag through a busy airport.

Sherpa bags are available in several sizes and colours to suit the tastes and needs of every pet-loving family… more

Snoozer Wheel Around 4-in-1 Pet Carrier

The Snoozer Wheel Around 4-in-1 Pet Carrier takes an entirely different design approach to the traditional “under the seat” style pet carrier. Fashioned as a small rolling suit case, this pet carrier makes zipping around an airport with your pet a breeze.

Like other brands of pet carriers, the “Snoozer” is fully collapsible, making it simple to store in your home. It is can also be modified to function as a backpack or even a stand alone pet crate.

Available in two sizes and two colors, this airline approved carrier is the ultimate in convenience for you and comfort for your pet. It is also equipped with two large pockets to hold all of Fido’s “must have” travel items… more

DoggyDolly Airplane Friendly Pet Carrier

This fashion forward pet carrier earns accolades from fashionable pet lovers and airline officials alike. Constructed from recycled jean fabric, this carrier stands from the crowd. Exceptionally well constructed, this durable carrier is also equipped with side panels made of mesh to allow your pet to see what is going on around him. This carrier is equipped with both a side strap and handles to provide different carrying options for pet owners… more 


Sleepypod Dog Carrier

Sleepypod Dog Carrier is the original multi-purpose pet carrier created to maximize your dog’s comfort while he travels. This carrier not only serves as a crate, but it can be converted into a seat for the car. It also contains a luxurious bed to keep Fido in the lap of luxury during his travels.

This attractive pet carrier is both modern and comfortable. The fabric is available in an array of bright, fun colors, allowing owners to choose a carrier that is reflective of their pet’s true personality. The fabric itself is exceptionally sturdy and high quality.

Sleepypod’s one down side is that the carrier is only available in one size: medium. It is, however, easily compressible, allowing it to fit easily under an airplane seat and later to be stored in a convenient locale.

Your tickets are booked, now all you need is a pet carrier!  Consider purchasing one of the top rated airline-approved carriers listed above. For best results, be sure to consult with your flight crew to ensure the model you have purchased meets all required specifications for pet travel in the cabin. Bon voyage… more



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