Looking For An Innovative Marketing Opportunity For Your Pet-Related Product or Service?

You’re proud to produce and sell high quality pet products and services.  Through hard work, a commitment to excellence, and great advertising, you’ve successfully built an outstanding reputation.

You’re always looking for innovative ways to present your product and enhance your visibility in the market.

We have the perfect advertising partnership for you!

The World’s Most Pet Friendly Home is revolutionary. It brings together the best living environment for pets and their people.

More than ever before, people love to pamper their pets.  Pets are beloved members of the family, and it is a great joy to their owners to lavish on them all the best things the pet industry has to offer.

We know that you’re always looking for unique opportunities to present your product in new and appealing formats.

We have great news for you!

The World’s Most Pet Friendly House offers sponsorship options to increase your company visibility while helping a worthy cause—making lives better for pets and their owners.

The Pet Friendly House is proud to contribute 100 percent of the proceeds of the sales from these great houses to reputable animal rescues and charitable organizations. 

As dedicated animal lovers, we want to give back to organizations who are also seeking to better the lives of animals throughout the world.

But we can’t do it without your help.  We need sponsorships from quality businesses like yours to outfit our homes and present a picture of a happy, healthy, pet-friendly living space.  Every donation to the World’s Most Pet Friendly House gets us one step closer towards our goal.  There is no gift too big or too small.  We welcome partnerships with quality pet product and service providers of all sizes and backgrounds and from any location.

What is the World’s Most Pet Friendly House?

At the Pet Friendly House, we believe that our “fur kids” deserve the best.  Having lived in traditional homes with our pets, we concluded that there were limitations that made living with animals less than ideal.

If we felt this way, we were confident that we were not alone.  Many other pet owners were also looking for ways to make their homes more accessible, happy, and healthy for their furry family members.

And the dream began there…

The Pet Friendly House has designed a home that brings together the best in the housing and the pet products industries and combined it all into one luxurious, efficient dwelling.

With a few simple design tweaks and some stellar pet products, the ideal “blended family” home is possible.  And we are committed to building it.

By associating your forward-thinking pet products with these revolutionary home features, your brand gets the benefit of being seen by the public as an industry leader.

  1. Quality comfortable furniture options
  2. Allergy and odor control
  3. Durable, weather resistant, easy to clean flooring solutions
  4. Built-in design elements such as water and feeding stations
  5. Pet bedrooms uniquely reflective of each pet’s personality and tastes
  6. Security and outdoor containment strategies
  7. Technology to assist with daily pet management
  8. Lawn, turf, and outdoor flooring procurement and pet-safe care
  9. Luxury items including artisanal pet-related artwork, gourmet freshly-prepared foods, on site grooming opportunities, large screen TVs for dedicated animal viewing, and more
  10. Pet friendly materials employed in construction, house maintenance, and cleaning to ensure non-toxic surfaces

In a nutshell, the World’s Most Pet Friendly House is just that—a house designed not only with Fido and Frisky’s best interests at heart, but also a house that the modern family will love to call home.

Where Does Your Pet-Related Brand Come Into the Picture?

We’re offering win-win sponsorship opportunities to pet food companies like yours.

Our mission is simple:  to provide a home that is resilient enough to stand up to the rough and tumble of kids and the pitter patter of doggy nails and muddy cat paws, yet comfortable and attractive enough for family game nights, movies, and entertaining.

Fun, fashionable, and functional—these are all a part of our mandate in creating great homes for families with pets.

More than this, we strive to produce homes that are ecologically responsible and energy efficient.

A partnership with the Pet Friendly House is a fantastic addition to your advertising strategy!

We offer some unique targeted advertising that can yield excellent traction for your company. It’s an exciting time to take advantage of these great promotional tools.

Getting in at this level will allow you first right of refusal on builds in other countries – which will draw attention to your products on a global scale.

Some of the marketing methods we will leverage for you in this project are:

  • Product promotion in our SEO optimized blog posts
  • Professionally stylized photos displaying your products at use in our Pet Friendly House for your advertising use
  • Expert product placement to maximize the impact of your great product
  • Giveaway opportunities to get your product into the hands of new consumers
  • Partnership in assisting needy pet charities locally, and in time, nationally, and internationally

Aligning your brand with The World’s Most Pet Friendly House is a win-win for both of our teams.  Together, we can do great things, build better brands, and help a lot of families.

Consider a sponsorship with the Pet Friendly House to bring renewed attention to your industry-leading pet food products.  Whether you are a large pet food manufacturing company or a small boutique grooming shop, there are opportunities to be involved at every level, and we would welcome your participation.

Join us as we seek to revolutionize family and pet living.

The revolution starts now with The Pet Friendly House.

Contact The Pet Friendly House now at 403-554-9634 or [email protected] to learn more about exciting marketing opportunities to benefit your business and build brighter futures.

We look forward to your call!