Pet Friendly House

September 2018

Herbs That Are Good for Dogs

Jason Homan
Using herbs to treat a variety of health ailments and conditions has been a steady practice since the beginning of time. In many countries of the world where access to...

What Is A Teacup Poodle?

Carlotta Cooper
Highly intelligent, easy to train, and usually the center of attention, the Poodle has been a popular breed for centuries. They are descended from water retrievers in Germany and France...

What to Consider When Selecting a Veterinarian

Carlotta Cooper
According to research, there are about 110,000 veterinarians in the U.S. https://www.avma.org/KB/Resources/Statistics/Pages/Market-research-statistics-US-veterinarians.aspx and another 15,000 vets in Canada https://www.canadianveterinarians.net/about/statistics. Mexico has 44 veterinary school and colleges https://www.avma.org/News/JAVMANews/Pages/110415a.aspx and has thousands...

When Do Puppies Lose Their Baby Teeth?

You’ve added a beautiful puppy to your home, and you are determined to do everything right. You’ve registered for a puppy socialization class, and you’re proud to say that your...